I fancy myself all sorts of things… Reluctant Antipodean. Frightful bluestocking. Opinionated, starry-eyed undergrad. Une salonnière. Nearly always tired. Definitely not immortal. I dress like a widow with a tragic past. Or a grandmother. You decide. Sometimes I think about Remus Lupin and get upset… Then I eat some chocolate. Stephen Tennant is my idol. I’m prone to embarking on long discussions about how and why popular culture intersects with our everyday identities in the 21st century. Also, women’s history. Miss Black is my dip in the pool of millennial self-interest, and I love it.

I study Politics and History at University. I like to write about study, goal-setting, and personal style. I create wordpress themes for my shop, Miss Black Design. My hobbies include reading, singing, sewing, philosophising arguing, learning new languages, and adding chilli to all my food.